MLB Design Challenge

24 March 2018
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MLB Design Challenge

So I recently saw the Baltimore Orioles logo on TV.  Immediately a design popped into my head based on the name being close to another word visually.  You ever do that, see a word and read it as another word be cause they are so similar?  The design in my head was clever but I didn't think anyone would wear it as a t-shirt so I moved on..... Or so I tried.  Two days passed and I was still thinking about the design.  This is my process, once I see the design in my minds eye I can't stop thinking about it until I create it.  Once I finished I was pleased it came out exactly the way I saw it in my head.  Then I had to do one for my beloved Cubbies.  Then I said why not try to do all 30.  The MLB Challenge was born......

I've seen these concept designs done before.  Someone always finds the artist and writes up something about them. Secretly I'm hoping someone sees these and does a cool write up.  So if you are reading this and you are a writer or know a writer hint hint.



Simple, take the name logo of each team and change it to a regular word fitting the same font and style.  If there is a graphic within the name logo try to make that reflect the new word.



I'll post the designs in the order that they are created.  The super hard part is that most if not all major league teams have their fonts custom made and they do not allow the artist to reproduce those fonts.  So a lot of this is creating the font by hand.


B More Origami

For my folks in Baltimore.  This is the first one in the series.  I saw the word Orioles and Origami popped in my head.  I use to really be in to origami, I wish I had stuck with it and got to the level of being able to create those animals from memory.  Anyway Fold Up B-More!!!


Chi Cabs

I love my Cubbies, but damn we have a basic logo.  There was not much I could do with this.  I thought about the "Cobs" which would have been funny IF you knew about calling NO COBS as a kid.  I thought Cabs were more universal.  Plus you could yell out "LETS GO CABBIES" in the same was we yell "LETS GO CUBBIES".  


Chi White Sax

So I kept going with my home of Chicago and gave the South Siders some love.  The interesting thing as I type this up I realize the first three are related to me.  I use to play the alto sax as a kid.  Yes this one could have been the "Sex" but baseball is wholesome and for the kids. LOL.  


LA Codgers

I flipped this logo before for my frat so this one was easy to do.  I think the false teeth put this one over the top.  I don't know that the elderly population is larger in LA, I think that's probably Florida where a lot of folks go to retire but who cares this is dope.


Cincy Crabs

This should have been simple or it appears that it would have been simple but it was not.  I always forget how to do the shadow effect on the letters and I was very picky about how the claw looked.  It's still not my favorite claw but I didn't want to change the C to much.  Eh, some will love it some with hate it, I think it fits the theme. 


Zona Diamond Rings

For the ladies.  Most proud of the font in this case. I had to cobble the pieces of other letters together to make certain letters in the word "Rings".  Also if you look at the rings carefully you will see a piece of the Diamond Backs original logo in there.  Clever.


LA Bangles 

Another one for the ladies.  This one started out as the "Bagels" but some where before I started "Bangles" made more sense with the play on the halo as a bangle.  I don't know if I did it right but trying to figure out the off color shadow pattern to create that B was hell.  I don't care if its not right to the naked eye I think it works.


SF Pints

The ironic part is I completed this one after having several beers watching Loyola Chicago advance to the final four. This is extra clean to me.  The word I initially saw was Gnats but I thought that was not that much of a challenge since all the letters would have already been there.  This one might actually make it to a shirt.


CO Sprockets

I know that this idea came directly from the Jetsons.  Spacely Sprockets where George Jetson made his coins.  Colorado has a lot of outdoorsy people and there is a lot of biking so the sprocket kinda fits if there was a bike shop for hipsters.


ATL Braids

This one took some thinking however I'm very pleased with it.  This one is for my two sisters, one sister in-law, mother in law, and two nieces living the natural hair life in the ATL.  Along with all my Spelman sisters.  They all know about the rat tail comb life.  


Mil Chewers

Almost quit on this one. The pattern of the font around the W E R S was tricky and I initially had it wrong but close enough and was juuuustttt about to say to hell with it but I figured it out.  I guess this one is for all my Dentists in Milwaukee.


Seattle Marinade


Seattle is known for the Pike Place Market and the flying fish so I had to flip this into something reflecting that.  So we got the fish sitting in some marinade.  The gloomy weather not included.


KC Religion 

One of my favorites created the day before Easter.  Its clean and I like the stain glass effect.  


Philly Chillies 

So when I wanted to go with Chillies, I had to look it up to see if there were 2 Ls or one.  Turns out you can use one or two, or at least both came up in google. Then to make it even more confusing I decided to drop the Chili's logo in there for fun.


Boston Red Sax

So I had to do this one as "Sax" to match the White "Sax".  Pretty straight forward, you know what it is. 


Tampa Bay Trays

More font work.  I suppose this could be an ice tray, a cafeteria tray, a TV tray, etc.  You pick your favorite tray and that's the one I meant.  


Toronto Blue Cheese

I've been Toronto and I've had blue cheese and I can't say that one is better than the other, honestly it's a close race. Another logo that is mostly font work but I dig it.  The old school blue jay that is featured on the had is mean, I need to get that in camo.  I'll probably have a black and blue burger, with bacon, before I find that hat though. 

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28 March 2018 at 09:21 AM
Leon hendrix

Yeah cubs logo pretty basic. That Southside team should be “sux” lol

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