Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Surly Shirt Project is a digital store which means we do not have inventory.  Other stores pull from their inventory to fulfill your order, we print every shirt fresh as orders come in.  This process takes a little bit longer.  Our goal is to have all orders printed and shipped in less than 14 days.  However as a small shop at times when orders are high we fall behind.  Have patience dopeness is on it's way to you soon.

*Note if ordering for a specific date such as a birthday or special occasion please give your self enough time for the printing/shipping process.  Requests placed in the notes of an order do not count toward expediting the order.  Please contact us prior to placing your order if you need rush shipping.


Q: What are the other payment options if I do not have a PayPal account?

A: You do not need PayPal to make a purchase.  The operating system is sponsored by PayPal and it will prompt you to pay through them as a first option. However you are given the option to not pay with PayPal and use a debit or credit card.  Please click to be redirected to PayPal and the screen below will appear , click pay with debit or credit card. 


Q: What type of shirts do you print on?

A: Gildan shirts or Next Level Shirts.  Typically we use either Gildan Ultra Cotton or Gildan Heavy Cotton depending on stock availability.  We may use other brands of equal quality if unable to fulfill your order in a timely fashion with Gildan shirts.  We also now offer an option of Next Level shirts for those seeking a better quality of shirt.  Be sure to pay attention to which shirt you select as the prices are not the same and there are no refunds for purchasing the wrong tee brand.   


Q: Can I get a shirt in a V-neck (or other style of shirt)?

A: Some of our shirts come in v-neck others do not.  If the shirt is available in v-neck it will be an option to select under shirt style.  If you wish to make a custom order featuring one of our designs with a different style of shirt that may be possible however the price will likely change.  For custom orders please contact us at


Q: What is your return and or refund policies?

A: We do not accept returns we do not issue refunds.  As a small digital shop when the customer orders a product we then spend money to produce that item.  If the customer changes his or her mind that costs us money.  Please be certain before you purchase. 


Q: Can I return or exchange a shirt if its the wrong size?

A: Unfortunately we can not always exchange or return a shirt for sizing issues.  We are a digital shop and since we have no inventory there is nothing to exchange the shirt for a new shirt would have to be printed.  We ask that you order your correct size to avoid this issue. 


Q: Can I return or exchange a shirt for a printing error?

A: If there is an error in the printing of your shirt please contact us immediately and we will work to resolve the issue.


Q: Can I dispute the return or refund policy?

A: Yes if you are for some reason unhappy with your purchase and wish to dispute the refund and return policy you may send an email to  Along with your dispute explanation please include any photo evidence, order # and full name.  Cases will be heard and decisions will be made on a case by case basis.  Often times we will not accept returns or refunds but we will seek to reach a reasonable accommodation.  If we do accept a return the customer will be refunded the cost of the items minus a 25% restocking fee, we will not refund the shipping, and the customer will pay for return shipping.


Q: The shirts pictured, what brand or style of shirt are they?

A: The shirts used to display the designs are generic.  Please do not assume a style or brand by looking at the picture.  That is a shirt mock up program for display purposes only.


Q:  Do you offer custom design work?

A:  Yes, if you want t-shirts for family reunion, office events, or just your own personal hotness we will work with you to bring your design to life.  There is a fee for design work, the actual purchase of the shirt(s), and shipping.  Please contact Reese H at 


Q: What are the sizes of the shirts?


Unisex /Men's Size Chart Gildan 

Women's Size Chart Gildan

Youth Size Chart Gildan


Unisex/Men's Size Chart Next Level


Women's Next Level Size Chart