About us

I'm just a surly guy with a passion for clever t-shirts. 

Originally from Chicago now based in Washington DC.  I've always loved t-shirts, especially the ones with a funny or witty message.  So, in late 2013 I thought to myself:

"I can draw, I bet I could make my own t-shirts, how hard could it be right?". 

Well It wasn't as easy as my inner arrogant self thought, but after sticking with it, a few beers, and a few courses at YouTube University Surly Shirt Project was born. 

I take a lot of time to develop shirts that have a certain edge to them.  These shirts might not appeal to all but for those that get the joke or the deeper meaning(s) they will love them.  I'm hoping to not just engage you visually but make you think, or laugh, or say wow that's dope. Is that to much to ask from a t-shirt brand? I didn't think so.

Now that you know who I am, time to SHOP SURLY!!!

Reese H